They were the most successful predator on the globe, they literally dominated the world for thousands of years. It wasn't until the introduction of the rifle that man started to take over the hunting territories of wolves and drove them back until they were only found in the most unfriendlist of places in a bid to survive (ie mountains and dense forests). Many Governments declared them as pests and vermin so they were continuously hunted down, in the US they were wiped out in the late forties.

In 1994 wolves were reintroduced into the Northern Rockies, sadly they were doomed from the very beginning. The US Cattle Ranches rejected the wolfs existance, so they were once again under attack. Certain laws protected the wolf under the Federal government but poachers and ranchers found loopholes in these laws so as the wolf population grew, the opposition and problem grew with it.

The Federal government, against the advice from the environmental groups, removed the protection laws of the wolves, thus delisting them from the endangered species list and placed a death warrant on the wolves in particular areas.




















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