The Wolf Army came into existence in 2005 when I decided to do something about the plight of wolves all over the world and membership of The Wolf Army grew to a staggering number I will not divulge. Mostly members acted secretly and supplied The Wolf Army with information and kept it abreast of what's happening. The Wolf Army was growing. In 2010 I decided to go public with The Wolf Army and opened a page on Facebook with the same name. The Wolf Army attracted immediate attention as interested people joined the ranks . Within four months the Face Book members reached 7000 and it is still growing today!



This is the ultimate goal of The Wolf Army:

The Wolf Army aims to save the Wolf from further persecution and extinction by establishing a vast network of people, pooling skills, knowledge, contacts, economic and political power to reach our aim.

In the interim we will organize events in protest of the killing of wolves and we will educate and inform people on the true nature of the wolf. By doing this we hope to achieve a new generation with a more tolerable idea of the wolf and its co predators and the need for these animals in our Eco systems.


It is our wish that you will join us in the struggle for the wolf in its wild habitat and with it the survival of our planet.

Thank you!

Vincent Kennard
























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